Course Description

The 90 Day Productivity and Performance Coach

Breda Stackpool

Breda Stackpool is The 90 Day Productivity and Performance Coach for Service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants, and solo-professionals. I believe everyone can have the Business and/or Lifestyle they want through effective planning, time management and follow through. Breda is known for empowering people to get back on track and follow through on the goals they say they want to achieve. She focuses on the foundations of your business, building solid structures to ensure your business can grow.Breda has worked with Photographers, Accountants, Coaches, Authors, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Holistic Therapists, Consultants, Web Designers, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Dog Trainers, Shop Owners, Community Projects.. The list goes on but Breda’s clients say it all…“ Breda is an inspiration. Not simply because she tackles the thorny issues head on but because they’re dealt with by making a plan that will definitely work. Breda helped me re-focus and re-energise so I could make my own plan for success.”“Breda exudes what she believes in and inspires real productivity with her ability to be clear about the issues that block the way and what needs to change. With a unique approach and focus on results, Breda is impactful and an enabler for real change” “Since working with her, I’ve been able to focus my energy on the things that I truly want and need to succeed, both professionally and personally. I can truly say that having received Breda’s help, I am both happier and better able to get the things that make me happy. The trip from New York to Dublin truly changed my life.”“ Breda is a life saver, picked me up when I needed to hear a fewhome truths regarding my business and it was all done in a very nice manner as well which always helps!! I recommend Business Mentoring with Breda because as a business owner you are emotional and sensitive about your own business, but a business mentor is not so they can see things you cannot see and offer advice you cannot give yourself “

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Increase Your Productivity Each Week by 100% By Working Less Hours!

    • Video Training - How to create a time plan that works for you.

    • Template: What am I currently doing?

    • Template: Time Planner

    • Template: Daily Consistency Tracker

    • Template: Weekly Consistency Tracker

    • Template: Monthly Consistency Tracker

  • 2

    Creating Routines That Work for You And Get You Results Week after Week

    • Video Training: Creating Routines that Work for You Week After Week

    • Template: Weekly Planning Meeting

    • Template: Simple 3 Month Plan

  • 3

    Resolving the Money Drama in Your Business

    • Video: How To stop Money Being A Problem in Your Life

    • Video: How to Get Your Money In Order

    • Template: Tracking Income/Expenses

    • Template: Tracking Debt - Accounts Due

  • 4

    How To Get Really Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is

    • Video Training - How To Get Really Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is and Why This Is Important For Your Business

    • Template: Who is my ideal client?

    • Template: Formula to Market to Your Ideal Client

  • 5

    Using Facebook to Find and Get You Clients

    • Video 1: Taking a look at Your Business Page and Using Groups

    • Video 2: How to Develop Your Facebook Brand

    • Template: Develop Your Facebook Brand

    • Video 3: How to Make Your Posts Stand Out on Facebook

    • Video 4: How to Create a Powerful Facebook Presence

    • Template: Create a Powerful Facebook Presence

    • Video 5: Creating Items that Sell on Facebook

    • Template: Creating Items You Sell On Facebook

    • Video 6: Creating a Facebook Stategy to Gain a Following

    • Template: Design your Weekly Posting Schedule

  • 6

    How to structure your sales conversations to get higher conversion rates and more clients

    • Video Training - How to structure your sales conversations

    • Template: Setting up the conversation

    • Template: Designing your sales script

    • Template: Sales Call

  • 7

    Easy Content Creation Strategies So You Are Never Stuck For What To Say On Social Media Ever Again

    • Video: How to create content people want from you fast!

    • Template: Creating Amazing Content Titles

  • 8

    Online Ordering Made Easy Even if You Don't Have a Web Site

    • Introducing Jotform

    • Lets take a look inside Jotform

    • Choosing Your Template

    • Adding The Basic Fields

    • Adding The Payment Options

    • Adding Subscription Payment Option

    • Adding Coupon Codes

    • Adding Postage Costs

    • Adding Tax Charges

    • How to Create a purchase Order Form

    • Designing the Submit Button

    • Setting Up Your Thank You Page

    • Order Submission Email Settings

    • Enabling Required Fields

    • A Look at Your Basic Form

    • Adding an Image or Logo

    • Choosing Your Form Colours

    • Choosing Your Form Fonts

    • Finding and Editing Your Form

    • Moving the Fields on Your Form

    • Testing Your Form

    • Customising Your Link

    • Adding Your Form to Your Website

    • Adding Your Form to Your Facebook Page

  • 9

    How to Create Powerful Testimonials

    • Video: How to Create Powerful Testimonials

    • Template: Designing the questions for your feedback form

  • 10

    Journal Mastery

    • Welcome, what you need to get started!

    • The first steps to journal mastery

    • The First Steps - all your questions answered

    • The most IMPORTANT productivity task for your business and how to do it.

    • DAY 1 - The 5 Step Journal Format to Fast Track Your Personal Growth.

    • DAY 2 - How to get the best results from your journal questions

    • DAY 3 - How to make sure your writing calls in your wants and desires

    • DAY 4 - What to focus on to make your Journal Practice the MOST powerful tool you will ever use!

    • DAY 5 - Daily. Weekly and Monthly Rituals for Success & Client Attracting Content"

    • Final q&a

    • Sample Journal Prompts

  • 11


    • The real reasons why you are not making all the money you want right now

    • How to release your money blocks to allow money to start flowing to you

    • How to release your money blocks to allow money to start flowing to you

    • Creating a powerful money mindset to attract money to you and your business

    • The structures you need to have in place to respect and look after money

    • Money work and systems to keep you on track daily

  • 12

    How to Create Recurring Revenue by Building Programs

    • Day 1 - Moving from hourly rate to set price, what you need to know!

    • DAY 2: Creating offers your audience wants.

    • BONUS Video - Using what is already in your tool kit

    • Day 3: Taking Payments and What You Need to Know

    • Day 4: Setting it up so it supports you and your clients

    • Day 5: Selling It