The first ever coaching program I sold was €600 for 3 months.

You might read that and think - 
WOW that is low!
or you might be thinking - WOW that is a lot!

Here is what I now know to be true - IT WAS WAY TOO LOW. 

In order to earn a decent wage and cover all my business costs I needed more clients than I wanted to work with.

Not to mention all the marketing it took to find them!

And what I also now know is that I had included way too much support and in turn attracted the wrong clients.

Yep, by creating what I had created I had set myself up for 

- lower income months than I wanted.

- over committed to my clients success [instead of the other way around]
and worst of all..

- I had little time to develop or sell anything else OR work on me to be OK with raising my prices.

A couple of long hours, tough months lay ahead.

I had learned my lesson and since then my prices have continued to rise.

The last time I sold the program I am referring to here it was €3,000

My high level 1-1 is now €1250 per month and due to increase this year.

One of the most common questions I get asked is - How do I create and sell a coaching program?

I have guided many women through it over the years and I am now ready to share all the juicy details in my brand new group training and coaching container PROFITABLE PROGRAMS!

I'm going to show you how to create market and sell 4-figure and multiple 4-figure programs, both group and 1:1,


You will have live time access to the training.

You will have life time access to the support group.

It covers mindset, social media, program creation strategy and a biz structure that gives you more financial stability... and the early bird rate is available right now!

Here is what I want you celebrating in Profitable Programs

  • creating your 4 figure and multiple 4 figure programs
  • being SO comfortable with the price that you even start thinking its too low!- content flowing so easily that it will attract ready to buy clients and feel like magic!
  •  Consistent multiple 4 figure months- high level 1:1 clients who WANT to pay you your new high level rate.
  • Feeling like you are working with the most perfect excite the hell out of you clients who get RESULTS!

Here's what we are covering

  • Week 1

    Map out and align fully with your 4 figure offer

  • Week 2

    Mindset shifts to raise your prices and allow yourself to be paid 4 figures plus

  • Week 3

    Client Clarity - Discover and align with your soulmate client

  • Week 4

    Content to attract your perfect "I'm In" clients

  • Week 5

    Signing the client and dealing with objections

  • Week 6

    Selling it the do's and dont's

I cannot wait to support you on this journey.

You deserve to be seen, heard and paid well for the amazing transformation you generate for your clients!