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Over the last 2 years nearly every single one of my clients came from Facebook, and I have even had days where I made over €5,000 in sales just from 1 Facebook strategy that I used and I'll show you how AND you don't even have to leave your office!

I did this without spending one cent on Facebook advertising!

Yep you read that right, I did this by simply creating relationships and posts that got me seen and heard on Facebook by the people who wanted my help.

Want to know how?

Simply enroll in your very own home study program and I'll show you exactly what I did, and you will create your own plan of action.

Think about how many hours you have spent on Facebook over the past few days, weeks, months, years...

Now ask yourself, how many clients or customers did you get from it?

Are you starting to feel discouraged?

Starting to think, well why is is working for them and not working for me?

Wondering where the hell are you going wrong?

I hear you.
I used to think like that all the time, but I have now figured it out.
It took some time, effort and a lot of trial and error but I am now ready to show you what to do, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did!

And the best part about it..It's so easy... Once you know how that is!

"I attended this training to learn how to use Facebook as a business tool and I hoped to learn the fundamentals and do's and don'ts of using Facebook for my business. I found this training very worthwhile . Easy to understand , great examples . Didn't get the feeling of being bombarded. Just the right amount of information. I learned so much. I believe I came away with an up to date understanding of Facebook and of its importance to my business I really grasped the rule that you give away more than you ask for and to be sincere .

Now I see myself building a cohesive strategy for my Facebook page as a important component of my advertising plan for Green Sheep Tours I will certainly give Facebook and other social media outlets the time and respect its due.

My knowledge of Facebook for my business was like a jigsaw puzzle. Breda helped put the pieces together for me ..It was easy to follow and the little stories and anecdotes helped a lot." Green Sheep Tours

During this Training you will learn

  • Top Facebook strategies to gain a following
  • How to use Facebook to ensure that people know what you do
  • How I use Facebook to position myself in order to gain clients.
  • How to use other social media platforms and integrate them into your Facebook strategy to gain raving fans
  • How to create a Facebook strategy for your business
  • How to discover where your clients are on Facebook
  • What to post, when to post, where to post
  • How to make your posts stand out
  • How to create a Facebook brand for yourself
  • What to do if your Facebook page is not working for you
  • How to position yourself as an expert
  • Creating Items to sell on Facebook!

Who is this training for?

This training is particularly suited to Home based business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants, & solo-professionals.

Ready to start getting some REAL and Measurable results from using Facebook ?

Then enroll in this exclusive home study training and I'll show you everything I know and help you create the plan you so desperately need for your business.

If you Claim your place right now you will also get the following 3 Bonuses

BONUS TRAINING Number 1: How To Get Really Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is

BONUS TRAINING Number 2: Easy Content Creation Strategies So You Are Never Stuck For What To Say On Social Media Ever Again

BONUS TRAINING Number 3: Creating Routines That Work for You And Get You Results Week after Week

“I attended this training to learn additional tips and tricks about how to gain clients via social media. I received more information about the topic "social media" and was surprised what content Bread was covering on that single topic. This training was very personal and professional. I will use most of the given information for my business webside on social media.

I can highly recommend this training with Breda. She is very experienced and gives you all information you need to know about this subject. Thank you Breda for your great knowledge and support.” Katharina Gummelt

Energy Alignment Coach Breda Stackpool

Breda Stackpool is an Energy Alignment coach who's souls purpose is to lead others to their point of expansion. She helps you to identify what you want and how to get yourself into a position to make sure you can bring it into your reality. She is passionate about helping people prioritise their own success by stepping into the true version of themselves, and has the ability to help you create results in your life that were once only a dream!

Course curriculum

    1. Come join our Facebook Group.

    1. Video Training - How To Get Really Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is and Why This Is Important For Your Business

    2. Template: Who is my ideal client?

    3. Template: Formula to Market to Your Ideal Client

    1. Video 1: Taking a look at Your Business Page and Using Groups

    2. Video 2: How to Develop Your Facebook Brand

    3. Template: Develop Your Facebook Brand

    4. Video 3: How to Make Your Posts Stand Out on Facebook

    5. Video 4: How to Create a Powerful Facebook Presence

    6. Template: Create a Powerful Facebook Presence

    7. Video 5: Creating Items that Sell on Facebook

    8. Template: Creating Items You Sell On Facebook

    9. Video 6: Creating a Facebook Strategy to Gain a Following

    10. Template: Design your Weekly Posting Schedule

    1. Video: How to create content people want from you fast!

    2. Template: Creating Amazing Content Titles

    1. Video Training: Creating Routines that Work for You Week After Week

    2. Template: Weekly Planning Meeting

    3. Template: Simple 3 Month Plan

About this course

  • €197,00
  • 19 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


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Emily Sweeney

A well laid out easy to follow guide that gives you all the tools you need to build your visibility and engage with your ideal customer on Facebook.

A well laid out easy to follow guide that gives you all the tools you need to build your visibility and engage with your ideal customer on Facebook.

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